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Pre-authorisation FAQ

FAQ’s-Pre-authorisation and Secure storage of card details


  1. What happens when you enter your card details online?

When you enter your card details, our online merchant services partner Secure Trading will automatically contact your credit (or debit) card company to confirm that the card you are using is valid and hasn’t been reported lost or stolen. We will not proceed with the charge at this time-however the merchant services have to check that the card is valid. Therefore the card will be authorised for £1.00- this may show on your debit card statement as a charge and then a credit. Your card will be charged depending on the terms and conditions linked to your reservation i.e.. if booking a non-refundable package-full payment will be taken at the time of booking. Should there not be sufficient funds available we will advise you that you must contact us within 24 hours otherwise the reservation will be released. The card details shall be stored securely with Secure Trading (PCI compliant) who will generate a reference code that we use to charge the accommodation.

  1. What’s the difference between a pre-authorisation and an actual charge to my credit card?

Pre-authorisations are often confused with actual charges. While in-store purchases are immediately charged and deducted from your available balance, pre-authorisations are temporary holds. The length of the hold will vary, and your credit card company can advise how they process this-they can take up to 30 days dependant on your credit card provider.

  1. How will I know if my card has been pre-authorised?

Your available balance will be reduced temporarily by the full amount of the pre-authorisation (£50-£100 per apartment). You may also see “pending transactions” on your credit card account summary. If you’re not sure if your card had been pre-authorised, both Fountain Court Apartments and your credit card company can verify this. Please note that as it is not a transaction you will not see the £50.00 being credited back to your account.

  1. How long will the pre-authorisation hold affect my available balance?

Your card provider can better explain this, along with the general terms and conditions associated with their pre-authorisation procedures. These terms vary so it’s best to contact them for specific details.

  1. What happens if I do not have the credit card used to make payment for the reservation on check in?

Should the original credit card used to make the reservation not be provided, another card shall be required to make payment using the chip and PIN facility and the original card will be refunded (this may take up to 10 days). Pre-authorisation for extras as point 6 will also be required. Photo ID which matches the credit card will also be asked for.

  1. Pre-authorisation on arrival for extras?

The credit card used to make payment for the reservation shall be required at check in to be pre-authorised (using the chip and PIN facility. for £100-£200 per apartment as guarantee against any incidental charges such as telephone calls, smoking, damages or lost keys. Photo ID which matches the credit card will also be asked for. We reserve the right to process further charges to the credit card provided should the incidental charges exceed the pre-authorisation amount

  1. What happens if I wish to use another credit card for the pre-authorisation or pay cash?

The original card used to make the reservation will be required to be pre-authorised for £5.00 to check the card and the balance of £95-£195 per apartment can be paid using another credit card using the chip and PIN facility or cash

  1. What happens if I require to extend my reservation directly or through a third party?

You will be  required to come to Reception in order that your credit card is charged using the chip and PIN facility for the additional accommodation charges.

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