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Why serviced apartments are growing in popularity

Travellers are increasingly booking their own city pads.

10 . 07 . 2019

23,600 apartments are set to be added in Europe by 2022, with the UK accounting for 32 per cent (around 7,500 apartments) of this.

The growth of serviced apartments in Europe is expected to outpace the growth of hotels over the next few years. For the uninitiated, this news may come as a shock. Hotels have traditionally been seen as the mainstream form of accommodation, however the rise of AirBnB and increasingly diverse range of properties listed on the likes of Expedia and TripAdvisor has created an increase awareness of what’s on offer. The days of a traveller settling for the first hotel room that they find are safely over.

We have been providing high quality and homely accommodation in Edinburgh for over 20 years now and have seen the market evolve over time. When we established ourselves as one of the pioneers of serviced apartments, the growth of the sector and it’s impact on leisure and corporate travellers alike seemed like a far off fantasy. Apartments have always been the superior choice of accommodation in our eyes and it’s really no surprise to see consumers flocking to them more and more.

Why are apartments proving more and more popular with travellers? Here are just 3 of the reasons.

Value for Money

It would be absurd to ignore one of the main influences behind a traveller’s choice of destination. For many, cost is the starting point when even considering potential destinations. If you are travelling as a group or as a family then you stand to save substantial silvers simply by booking an apartment. Booking a single two-bedroom apartment is of course cheaper for your party than booking two separate hotel rooms.

Whats-more, if you are planning to stay at a location for over a week the average nightly price can be significantly cheaper than a hotel room, even as a single occupant according to Silverdoor.

Spacious Living Areas

As our travellers have become more empowered, the type of accommodation on offer has diversified to meet their needs. A desire to “live like a local” is often cited as a top factor for today’s modern holiday-goer and having your own city pad helps to set the scene. A need to combine a contemporary hotel style with classic home comforts has undoubtedly driven the increase in serviced apartments.

Perhaps more importantly, families, groups and extended stay guests generally want a lot more than just a bed. Being able to lounge around in a comfortable living room after a busy day of city exploration is a great way to unwind. Saying that “living rooms are a great amenity” may sound obvious to you and I, but it’s the additional comforts afforded by the apartment format that makes them attractive.

Kitchen Facilities

As we’ve highlighted already, we need to give travellers versatility in their accommodation. Being able to cook your own meals and wash your own clothes all from the comfort of your own apartment is the ultimate home from home experience. Even having a simple counter top to prepare sandwiches for a midday picnic is of great value to guests.

It also eases a lot of the pressure points that can hinder a trip. Travelling with fussy eaters? Cook your own meals. Trying to save money? Use your kitchen instead of eating out. Ordered too much at the restaurant and can’t finish it? Bring it home and heat it up for lunch the next day.


It’s clear to us that the increase in popularity in serviced apartments comes from added value at a similar price point when looking at other forms of accommodation. What are your thoughts on serviced apartments? Let us know!

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