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Running in Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Marathon Is just Around the Corner

22 . 05 . 2015

The Marathon itself is renowned as one of the flattest and fastest in Europe, with many people coming to aim for their personal best.

With the Edinburgh Marathon just around the corner those who have entered are now in the final phase of their training, although you don’t have to be in the category of marathon runner in order to be able to enjoy the many running routes throughout the city.

The Marathon itself is renowned as one of the flattest and fastest in Europe, with many people coming to aim for their PB, but added to that there is the undeniable beauty of the city that attracts people in their thousands every year to challenge themselves in the ultimate test of endurance. The weather can be something of a hindrance at times, you can expect the full range from full blown gales, hailstones, rain, sunshine and snow all in the space of a few hours, it adds to the luster of the city though and even at your most sodden you can still find solace in the beautiful backdrop.

The route itself follows the coast out to East Lothian where the cool sea breeze will ensure you don’t overheat, although it can become a bit of a hindrance if it gets too stiff. The Hairy Haggis crew that runs the marathon will also be able to lift the spirits during the race. They bring the fun to the event that is surely necessary given the incredible physical efforts that participants have to go through.


The Hairy Haggis crew will keep you motivated.

Outside of the marathon Edinburgh is surely one of the best cities in the world to have as your running ground, the picturesque background will always lift your spirits when the legs are burning and lungs are close to bursting. There is also the differing terrain, with numerous hills to choose from, or the flats of the meadows and the Union Canal which starts at our EQ2 apartments, perfect for all standards of runner.


The Meadows, a perfect and popular running ground.

Arthurs Seat is the behemoth that casts its shadow over the city, this popular destination for hikers, bikers and swans has numerous routes with which you can test the muscles to their absolute maximum. Reaching the top is reward in itself with magnificent views over the city, make sure to take your camera as this is one holiday snap you will not want to miss. There is also the wildlife to enjoy at the lakes, but make sure to stick to the well trodden tracks as every year there are a few who take a wrong turn and end up requiring assistance off the hill.


The beast of a hill, test yourself on Arthurs Seat.

There are also some great running clubs in Edinburgh to help you get started and they encompass a wide range of experience or there is the park run which is on every Saturday at 9.30 am down on the promenade, anyone can enter online for this 5k run, and it is a fantastic social gathering every week. The atmosphere is brilliant with everyone there motivating one another and some great friendships can be formed.

Union canal

The Union Canal, a peaceful place to go for a run.

Whatever your level you will find something which will suit you, and you are sure to be surrounded by others in this picturesque running city. So enjoy, and keep on running.

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