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Edinburgh Loves Food

The best foodie spots the city has to offer

16 . 07 . 2015

Edinburgh loves food, any food, with our rich resources coming from all across Scotland, from our Lobster and Salmon to Aberdeen Angus Beef, right through to our second national dish… The deep fried Mars Bar.

Edinburgh loves food, eating it, cooking it, creating it, there is an abundance of it and it is being devoured, you can tell by the sheer volume of eateries that the streets are strewn with, everyone in this cosmopolitan capital has become a foodie. The multicultural nature has fostered a vast array of flavours and cuisines that will delight anyone with a refined palate looking for something to tantalise their tastebuds. For sure there is still an incredible amount of hazardous concoctions that will have your doctor screaming at you for all the harm you will cause yourself, but beyond that there is a rich variety of cooking talents that are now delighting the food lovers who swarm to the city.

However Scotland still has a horrendous reputation in relation to the nations diet, with the country being derided for its fascination with deep frying anything that isn’t nailed down. Anyone coming to Edinburgh inevitably will question residents as to where the best place is to get the alternative national dish of deep fried Mars Bar. We do not help ourselves by continuing the process of deep frying all that we see, is there not enough going on to enlarge a waistline within a Mars Bar that we feel an intrinsic need to add some more artery clogging processes to the equation?

Then there is the one thing which sets Edinburgh apart from almost anywhere else in the civilised world, sauce, chippie sauce. Travel to anywhere else in the land and you will be offered salt and vinegar on your chips, but in Edinburgh the option is salt and sauce. The first time you hear these words you will quake, wondering what has just been said, is it tomato sauce? Brown sauce? no it is sauce, derived from recipes that are held in more secret than that for Coca Cola, even the people who make it are not allowed to know the full list of ingredients…. Either that or it is a mixture of brown sauce and vinegar, but that is by the by, just give it a try, your chips will never be the same again.

Beyond the finery of chips and other fried goods lies some of the finest dining establishments in the country, Michelin Stars are here aplenty, with Tom Kitchen, Martin Wisharts, 2-1-2-1-2, Balmoral Number 1 and Castle Terrace leading the way for the top end dining in the city. It is this foodie culture that is now sweeping through the city, with people becoming more discerning and waking up to the incredibly high quality of produce the country has to offer. Below the fine dining establishments are a plethora of exciting options for people visiting the city, you don’t have to bust the budget in order to have some of the tastiest meals, the multicultural nature of the city means that you can choose from a huge range of dining options.

If you are looking for a true taste of the best produce that Scotland has to offer, beyond the fried goods, then look for the Oysters, Lobster and Scallops on the menu’s around town, some of the finest shellfish in the world can be found on these shores, along with our world famous salmon, venison, lamb and Aberdeen Angus beef. If you are in town and want to sample some proper Scottish fayre then why not try Angels with Bagpipes up on the Royal Mile, or Bon Vivant on Thistle Street which is right across from our Stewart property and you can take advantage of a 15% discount, you can indulge in a showcase seafood and game from the country.

Personal favourites also include Kampung Ali, a Malaysian restaurant situated just off Tollcross and  close to our EQ2 and Grove street apartments. The intense flavours and friendly atmosphere, combined with the great value for money make this establishment a must visit during your trip to Edinburgh. At Fountain Court we offer some fantastic discounts on restaurants throughout the city that you can take advantage of.

Indulge yourself a little when visiting, explore the food culture, by all means try the fried Mars Bar, the chippie sauce, but also try the more imaginative talents in the city, you will be surprised by the quality.

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