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Celebrating 70 Years of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

All you need to know about the first ever #WorldFringeDay

07 . 07 . 2017

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe more than 200 fringes from across the world will come together.


With less than a month to go until the launch of the 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, artists and performers from all across the globe are joining together to celebrate the first ever World Fringe Day. Seventy years since the original Fringe took place it is now the world’s leading arts festival, spanning 25 days and featuring 3,398 shows across 300 venues.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe dates back to 1947 when eight uninvited theatre companies were denied entry to the newly-founded Edinburgh International Festival. Undeterred by the rejection, they agreed to go ahead with their performances. Hosting their productions in smaller, more alternative venues throughout the city – the Edinburgh Festival Fringe was born.

The inaugural Fringe was such a success that other countries were soon trying to emulate the original model. Since then, it has continued to grow and today there are more than 200 fringes taking place worldwide.

In the spirit of the original Edinburgh Festival Fringe, anyone who can find a venue is entitled to put on a show, making it the largest platform on earth for creative freedom. The use of unconventional venues is a tradition dating back to the original; with performances taking place anywhere from disused office buildings to public toilets to the top of a double-decker bus.

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Every year people travel from all across the world to take part in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, creating an international melting pot of art and culture. The festival aims to provide artists with the space to express themselves freely without fear of censorship and it is known for establishing the careers of some of the biggest names in entertainment – most notably Scotland’s own Billy Connolly.

To celebrate reaching such an incredible milestone, on Tuesday 11th July more than 200 fringes from across the world will come together to demonstrate the worldwide reach and collective power of the fringe. Participants and audiences are being asked to join in the celebrations by sharing their love for the Fringe on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Join in the conversation using the hashtag #WorldFringeDay.

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