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5 Dog Walking Routes in Edinburgh

Stretch your legs and get outside with your canine companion.

07 . 03 . 2019

Walking your dog is a great way to develop a bond while exploring a new town or city.

A capital city might not be your first point of call when you’re looking to take your canine companion out on an adventure. Edinburgh, however, is far from a concrete jungle. As the city with the most trees per person in the UK there are plenty of green spaces for you to explore paws-first. A plethora of parks, hills and forests await you and your four-legged friend in Edinburgh! We’ve pulled together a list of our 5 favourite places for walkies in our wonderful city; enjoy!

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Inverleith Park

If you have ever been up to Stockbridge on a sunny weekend then you’ll immediately know why Inverleith Park is at the top of our list. The park is frequently filled with visitors of the canine variety, making a perfect place for a social dog to spend a few hours making friends.

Inverleith Park is home to 3 football, 4 rugby and 6 seven-a-side pitches, a cricket square, petanque area, and a children’s play area. The large green spaces throughout the park will give you plenty of opportunities to tucker out your puppy before home time. It also features a stunning view of the entire city of Edinburgh; if you are visiting Edinburgh then the park is a must see. Local cafes such as Milk are dotted around the park for you to put your feet up and relax after a long walk, or alternatively you can visit Stockbridge and sample some of the local cuisine.

Filled with dogs, Inverleith Park is the perfect place to take your four-legged friend

By Kim Traynor on Wikipedia Commons


Arthur’s Seat

It is a well known fact that the people of Edinburgh came together and created an extinct volcano for your dog to climb. Perhaps not, but you will both have a great time climbing this iconic landmark.

Arthur’s Seat is a great place for an afternoon walk. Supposedly the sight of King Arthur’s Camelot, you’ll take great pride in being able to say that you’ve ticked off this famous bucket list item. There are quite a few different routes that you can take making repeat visits just as exciting as the previous one, and the climb isn’t a difficult one. Just make sure that you keep your dog out of the ponds; the algae isn’t great for them, and the swans definitely aren’t great for them!

One of the more popular routes begins just outside of Holyrood, making it the perfect place to leave the car before your adventure. If you’re planning to take this route then we recommend giving yourself plenty of time and coming down before it gets dark. Ideally, you can find a pub afterwards to cuddle up in afterwards for some well deserved treats.

Arthur's seat is an iconic dog walking route


Portobello Beach

If you have a beach-loving dog then you aren’t reading this blog to find out about the local parks. There’s something about soft sand, a fresh sea-breeze and splashing in the water that excites our four-legged friends and who can blame them? If this sounds like your dog then look no further than Portobello Beach. This award-winning beach has over 2 miles for your hound to leave their mark on. An afternoon of dog walking across the golden sands might be exactly what you both need for a good night’s sleep.

You can of course walk from the city to Portobello, but the 3-mile stretch might exhaust some dogs (and humans) before they even reach the beach. We’d recommend jumping on a number 26 bus from Princes Street for an easy commute there and back.

Portobello Beach is the perfect dog walking route

© Kenny Lamb, VisitScotland


The Meadows

The Meadows are exactly what they say on the tin; meadows. They are one of the more popular green spaces in the city thanks to their great central location. If your dog likes people then this is a great choice for your walkies. The Meadows attract a mixture of students, tourists and fellow dog-walkers for your tail-wagger to interact with. It’s even a perfect place to bring the kids as it boasts one of the city’s largest play areas.

Located just south of the town centre, it’s easy to jump off a train or take a walk from your apartment for a brisk morning jog. At the weekend it can get quite busy with sports and other activities (it’s also has a lot of pop up events during the Festival season) so stick to the weekdays if your canine prefers a quieter walk.

The Meadows are great for a mid-week dog walk


Hermitage of Braid

A historic house might not be the first place that springs to mind when looking for a dog-friendly outing, but the Hermitage of Braid welcomes pups of all shapes and sizes. It boasts fantastic mixture of woodland, scrubland and grassland is home to some of Edinburgh’s largest trees. The Green Flag it has held since 2011 is only further recognition of it’s great outdoor space. Your dog will be able to get his or her nose stuck right in on your walk here. The mixture of terrain, including water, will give your pup plenty to do throughout the walk and they’ll love the local cafe.

The Hermitage happily welcome dogs but ask that you keep a close eye on them to avoid disturbing a the local wildlife.

The Hermitage of Braid

© Hermitage of Braid


We hope that you both enjoy your walkies in Edinburgh! Please make sure to clean up any message to keep the routes clean for other walkers.

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