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Best Vegan Desserts in Edinburgh

Where to satisfy your sweet tooth in the Scottish capital

12 . 02 . 2020

“Not the buttons! Not the gumdrop buttons! ~ Gingerbread Man, Shrek

Today you’re in for a treat – quite literally. This blog is about sweet treats, but not just any sweet treats or those 45p custard creams you can find in your local supermarket. We have embarked on a quest to find the best vegan desserts in Edinburgh. We’re talking cakes, delicious smoothies, chia puddings, bars and everything else you could imagine, but best of all they’re all vegan.

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Awarded UK’s Second (damn it Norwich!) Vegan-Friendly City in 2019 by Nisbets, we’re certain that Edinburgh is the right place to look for the best vegan goodness Scotland can offer. Auld Reekie especially is home to over 20 vegan-friendly restaurants and each month a new one is added to the list.

So gone are the days, when vegans were outsiders to the cake party and the waiter would hand you a banana when asking for a vegan dessert. Here is our fabulous list of go-to places for vegan desserts and treats in the capital.

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GRAMS cakes and treats are not only vegan but refined sugar, gluten-free and raw. And this doesn’t come as a trade-off. Their cakes are utterly delicious and very moreish – meaning you can’t just stop after one bite. In walking distance from 5 out of our 8 properties, Grams is certainly worth putting on your Edinburgh vegan desserts itinerary.

Try: Raw Carrot Cake. You know how they say carrot cake is quite healthy? This version is definitely more than your five a day and incredibly delicious at the same time.

Address: 16 Clifton Terrace, EH12 5JZ


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Real Foods

With two handy locations, it couldn’t be easier to pop into one of the Real Food stores. All the delicious tasty foods and treats you can buy in there are natural, organic, vegetarian or even vegan. Behind a set of bright green doors, you will find everything your heart could desire for healthy living but with the added bonus of friendly staff, who will be happy to answer all your questions about the produce. It’s like the always super-positive skinny friend of the big fat supermarket chains.

Try: Tyler & Hall’s Choc & Cashew Butter Brownies. Full of good-for-you protein and vegan, these are moist and as good as (and even better than) non-vegan alternatives.

Address: 37 Broughton Street, EH1 3JU or 8 Brougham Street, EH3 9JH


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Juice Warrior

The perfect name for this place tucked away in The Arches would be Juice King, because no one does juice better than them. Juices on offer are raw, organic, cold-pressed and available in a wide range of varieties. Besides liquid desserts, there are vegan lunch and cakey options for you to devour.

Try: Crave. Made of watermelon, raspberry and lemon, this juice will literally have you crave more. Sweet with a certain za-za-zing.

Address: 15 East Market Street, EH8 8FS


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Hula Juice Bar

Hula Juice Bar is like a tropical breath of fresh air in front of the historical setting of the Grassmarket. A cozy café located just at the beginning of the West Bow, this place will satisfy your cravings for a delicious as well as instagramable vegan dessert. Vegetarian and vegan smoothies and shakes, brunch and lunch are served in bright pink and green interiors.

Try: Acai Bowl. The prettiest Acai Bowl of them all and a surprisingly filling breakfast before heading out to explore the city.

Address: 103-105 West Bow, EH1 2JP


Side tip: For more vegan sweet and savoury recommendations in Edinburgh, check out which gives you a great overview of all the options in the city.


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Pumpkin Brown

Based on Grassmarket, too, Pumpkin Brown focuses on awesome tasting food with none of the bad stuff (refined sugar, dairy or gluten). For each day of the week a different raw cake can be sampled – think yummy combinations like chocolate orange or strawberry almond – but their vegan breakfast, brunch and lunch options are also worth a mention. If you’re not feeling like leaving your apartment, why not order some of their vegan desserts from Deliveroo and they’ll be with you in less than an hour.

Try: Black Forest Chia Pot. Who can resist the combination of a creamy chia base, tangy cherries and moreish chocolate?

Address: 16 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2JU


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Vegan ice cream and waffles anyone? Can I hear a big ‘oh yes’? An established player on the Edinburgh vegan treats scene, Affogato is a strong contender for vegan stardom. Usually around half of its ice creams are vegan with strong flavours like cookies and cream or chocolate and peanut butter served on their own or on top of (also vegan) waffles. The perfect indulgence!

Try: Cookies and cream ice cream. Do we need to say more?

Address: 36 Queensferry Street, EH2 4QS

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