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5 Benefits of Serviced Apartments

Why would you stay in a Serviced Apartment?

20 . 03 . 2017

Serviced apartments are pretty perfect, but we’re biased.

Serviced apartments are great. Seriously, they’re awesome. And we would know – we have 210 of them across Edinburgh! There are a variety of reasons why you would choose a serviced apartment over a hotel, and here are just a few of them:

Serviced apartments give you all the space you could ever need

Serviced apartments have usually at least double the space of an hotel room. We need that much space to fit in a well-equipped kitchen and a separate living/lounge and bedroom area. That means if you’re one of those people who brings their exercise mat everywhere and likes to practice big yoga movements, don’t worry… You won’t be knocking over anything in a serviced apartment. Your kid has one of those little balance bikes to zoom around on? They can probably do a couple of loops in our apartments as well. Even claims that we have the biggest… at least, it says that our apartments are “Bigger than most in Edinburgh”. If that isn’t music to your ears…

Serviced apartments’ kitchens are perfect for all kinds of culinary endeavours

You know how holidays are for long lie-ins… Pretty difficult to have a lie-in, when the breakfast buffet finishes at 10am. In a serviced apartment, you can have breakfast in bed you can prepare whatever you fancy and you can have it any time you want. Our fully-equipped kitchens have everything you could need for preparing a light breakfast or a 3-course lunch. And don’t worry about the mess. Pop on the dish-washer and trust our Housekeeping Team to have the place looking like new again by the time you return to your apartment in the afternoon.

Serviced apartments won’t surprise you with any nasty bills

If you get yourself a serviced apartment instead of a rental, for example, we won’t surprise you with any nasty bills. Gas, water and council tax are all included in your nightly room rate. Also, the Wi-Fi is free and we take care of the TV licence. Basically, everything is taken care of when staying in a serviced apartment. The only thing you will have to worry about is where the best place for a Mojito is on a Friday after 5pm, because unfortunately, we don’t do cocktails. (P.S. We probably would have some pretty good suggestions).

Serviced apartments reception team is happy to help 24 hours a day

You can reach Reception 24 hours a day. That means whatever the question, whatever the time, Reception is happy to help. Only a phone call away, our courteous staff are self-proclaimed ambassadors of the city. That means they don’t only know EVERTHING about the apartments, they also know a whole lot about the area you’re staying in, what’s on and where is good to eat.

Serviced apartments are there for you whenever you need them

You can book your serviced apartment online or over the phone at any time of the day and whenever you will feel like it. With our portfolio of 230 apartments across 8 different locations in Edinburgh, we will almost always find some availability to suit you every time you enquire with us. Whether your upstairs neighbour’s pipes just burst and flooded your living room and you need a dry place to stay for your family or whether you fancy a spontaneous weekend get-away, make sure to book a serviced apartment.

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